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2016年11月2日星期三 Review: The Missing Link! Review
My review of was a real waste of time and money. The watch was a total joke, their staff was painfully slow and didn't know what they were talking about, and the site itself couldn't be more amateur. I did not have very high expectations, but this site still managed to be a disappointment. The only good thing that could come from my review is that someone else might read it and avoid the headache that comes with shopping there!

Quality: Are These Watches Any Good?
Replica Rolex Watch
Replica Rolex Watch
The Rolex replica watch I received was total junk, even though I paid over $300! The most obvious problem was that the band was missing an entire link – it wasn't broken and loose in the box – it didn't exist! There were also a few weird scratches on the back and the watch was so light it felt like a toy.
The Site: Usability and Design
Looking at this site I was very tempted not to buy from them at all – I wish I'd followed that instinct! They have a very small collection of watches, but what's worse is that each watch has only one photo. And it's not even the real photo! They are just photoshopped out of catalogues.
Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable?
On the site, they state the shipping fee is $10 per item, which sounds (and is) too good to be true. They have some other fees they hit you with at the last minute and it comes out closer to $30. No tracking number was given, and my Rolex replica watch took about 2 weeks.
Service & Return Policy

Yikes, these guys are terrible! They took ten days to respond when I wrote them about the watch, and then tried to tell me it was too late for a return! I sent another email expressing my anger and they were able to accept my return. It took 3 more weeks before I saw my money back, minus the restocking fee.
The Bottom Line
There are tons of great sites for replica watches, but this will never be one of them! You've been warned!
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